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Trusted Source for Governance Data

Enlight is the only software that provides independent governance and financial data, updated and visualized in real time for corporate directors, executives, advisors and investors.

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Enlight helps you

Make Better, Faster Decisions

Enlight provides relevant, timely and independent information to boards, executives, advisors and investors—to not only improve strategic decision-making, but also to enhance the quality of corporate governance.

Advanced Analytics, Simplified

Enlight’s secure software solutions are powered by Enlight AI™, our advanced artificial intelligence platform. Using predictive analytics, Enlight tracks key performance and governance metrics for over 20,000 companies.

With immediate access to critical company data on one, easy-to-use platform, Enlight improves your ability to foresee trends, improve performance and mitigate potential risks.

Real-Time News, Organized

Enlight filters through more than 30,000 trusted news sources to ensure that the news you receive is timely and relevant. Quickly review company, peer, industry and governance news with sentiment.

Governance Data, Exemplified

Easily assess independent committee-level data such as CEO compensation, board gender diversity and directors’ skills for companies and their peers. Presented in an intuitive and elegant format, governance data and trends can be accessed on any device or compiled into a custom report.

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