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Advisors & Consultants

Leveraging advanced technology, Enlight offers a simple and seamless way to evaluate performance and governance data for multiple companies—in one place and in real time.

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Company & Industry News

Easily monitor news, and corresponding sentiment, for clients, prospects and industry competitors. Enlight’s software filters through more than 30,000 news sources—including A-list, industry and trade publications—to ensure that the news you receive is timely, organized and relevant.

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Real-Time Analytics

Directors, executives and investors rely on you for your expertise and foresight. Enlight’s secure software solutions are powered by Enlight AI™, our advanced artificial intelligence platform.

Using predictive analytics, Enlight AI™ tracks key performance and governance metrics for over 20,000 companies. With immediate access to critical client data on one site, you can help them foresee trends—and mitigate potential risks.

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Governance Data & Trends

Continuously monitor governance trends and policies that impact your clients.

Whether you’re preparing clients for investor engagements or recruiting corporate directors, Enlight provides valuable governance information in a format that is intuitive and appealing. Get instant access to committee-specific data such as pay versus performance, board gender diversity or auditor tenure for multiple companies.

Our latest software module, Executive ID™, provides comprehensive director and executive profiles and an algorithm-driven skills matrix, which shows how the board ranks against peers in such qualifications as leadership experience and technology expertise.

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Customized Alerts

Enlight provides real-time product alerts that constantly track key performance metrics and identify important trends. Customize your alerts to receive immediate notifications when sentiment shifts, stock prices soar, or new SEC updates or filings are released.

Subscribers can also request weekly or monthly e-newsletters that are specific to a particular organization, industry or topic area.