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Enlight Research is the trusted source for independent financial and corporate governance information.

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What We Believe In

By providing relevant, timely and independent information to boards, advisors and investors, we can not only improve strategic decision-making, but also enhance the quality of corporate governance.


Recognizing the information asymmetry inherent in today’s boardrooms, Enlight’s co-founders planned to bring real-time, independent data to corporate directors in an intuitive and meaningful way. Leveraging advanced technology, our mission is to improve the process by which boards, corporate advisors and investors gather, evaluate and share pertinent governance information.


Since the company’s founding in 2012, Enlight Research has improved access to relevant, unbiased governance information. However, working with directors, executives and advisors over the past few years, our vision has expanded. We want to facilitate transparency, accountability and communication inside—and outside of—the boardroom.


Enlight Research was built on the idea that we could improve corporate governance through dedicated research and advancing technology. Combining the two, our employees and our clients consistently strive to: gather better, faster data, improve collaboration, and transform the way businesses operate today.

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Meet Our Team

We’re proud of the work we do at Enlight, which wouldn’t be possible without our team of esteemed governance professionals, trusted advisors, innovative engineers and experience research analysts.

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Multiple Offices

Enlight is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, with offices in strategic cities across the United States.