Custom Reports

Enlight provides custom reports for board members, corporate advisors and investors.

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Research Areas

Custom report data is curated and analyzed within Enlight’s proprietary software platform and verified by experienced analysts. Each report is provided in a PDF format.

& Governance

This report includes specific data and trends on board tenure, age and gender diversity in comparison to peers. In addition, the report will provide comprehensive profiles for each company board member, along with a board skills matrix comparing the board’s collective skills with their peers.

This report is available for individual purchase for $499.95.

Company & Peer

This report tracks company performance, including core financials and operations metrics in comparison to proxy peers. The report typically includes graphic representations for key metrics such as total shareholder return, EBITDA margin and SG&A as a percent of revenue, in addition to analyst projections.

This report is available for individual purchase for $499.95.

Industry &
Topical Research

Enlight also provides bespoke research reports that address strategic questions or business challenges. Each report incorporates a detailed analysis and actionable insights on critical topics such as cybersecurity, disruptive technologies and economic outlooks.

Cost for this individual report may vary depending on the topic area and depth of research required.