Solutions for

Directors & Executives

Enlight is the only software that provides governance data and trends, updated and visualized in real time, for corporate directors and management teams.

Enlight helps you

Monitor Company Performance

Enlight allows you to quickly review and evaluate up-to-the-minute performance and pay data, operations metrics and analyst projections that are specific to your company and your defined peer set.

Get the latest

News with Sentiment Analysis

Enlight filters through more than 30,000 news sources—including A-list, industry and trade publications—to ensure that the news you receive is timely and relevant. You can also gauge news sentiment for your company, your peers, and your industry within your subscription.

Access independent

Governance Data & Trends

Continuously monitor governance trends and policies that can impact your board, and your business.

Whether you’re planning for board succession or investor engagements, Enlight analyzes and presents valuable governance information in a format that is simple and intuitive. Easily review committee-specific data such as pay versus performance, board gender diversity or auditor tenure, which is customized for your company or board position.

Our latest software module, Executive ID™, provides comprehensive director profiles and an algorithm-driven skills matrix, which shows how the board ranks against peers in such qualifications as leadership experience and technology expertise.

Stay prepared with

Custom Research
& Alerts

Enlight provides real-time product alerts that constantly track key performance metrics and identify important trends. Subscribers can also request customized company, industry or governance e-newsletters.

In addition, we provide bespoke research on industry disruptors, governance practices and economic trends, which can be added to software subscriptions or purchased as stand-alone reports.